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Number 5

Number 5

The number 5 resembles in almost all ancient religions the human being. Thinking about it is rational, there are 5 fingers in each hand and 5 fingers in each foot, why 5 we could live with 3 fingers or with 7 but any human on this planet that is not artificially mutated have 5 fingers. There are 5  main exits for the human body, head, two hands, two legs. There are 5 senses; there are 5 holes in the human face, 2 nostrils, two ears, and the mouth.

The human body is a processing machine, its produce is physical as, excrement, urine, sweat and tears and energetic outcome as thoughts, dreams, telepathy and feelings.

In a series of Kirillian photos it was evident that all human edge points emanate energy, the most interesting review is that the energy from each finger is different, by frequency and thus by color, all the transmitted human energy is merged into a balloon shaped energetic field that is referred to as Aura which is the out result of all the energetic activity of every human being.

The first to reveal itself to us is the human Aura thus we can feel immediate rejection or attraction to a person before we know him or her it’s the Auras encounter at play, it is an energetically based conversation, information exchange that can form feelings that are translated into actions. What we usually see is the out result not the deeper motive or ignition that caused this action to manifest.

The fact is that the majority of planet Earth population is living in a very difficult surrounding most of our planet population is living unhappy sometimes miserable life, it’s not only the poorest Catadores in Rio de Janeiro, it’s the emotionally detached people of New York, Stockholm,  Wien and almost every modern city that encapsulates millions of human organisms in small cubic cells for the rest of their lives, the only aim of all those laboratory creatures is to survive.

Survive for what?

So what’s the connection of all this to number 5?

The number 5 resembles the natural human rhythm. The truly happy people I know are those that live more naturally, if the number 5 appears in such a significant way  we should listen to what it indicates.

May be the proper way for human beings to live on this 5 pace is to divide the time to 5 days a week and 5 months and 5 years cycles. And most of all to pay more attention to their electrical life which is much more important than the physical because the physical body is designed to last about 100 years but the spirit, as believed in all religions remains forever/

Have magic in your life

Ted Barr. NYC, November 2011

Glass work by Ted Barr

made in Okelbo Sweden