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Ants and human purpose


Imagine you are an ant, what do you see? What do you smell? What drives you? Is there inspiration in your ant life?

From an ant perspective, human beings are super giants. The ant – human proportion is like the Empire state building – human proportion. it’s impossible to refer to a living creature the size of the Empire state building because our faculties are attuned to deal with the ordinary human scale.

The longevity of ants depends on function, male live few weeks, the workers live about 2 years and the queen can live more than 20 years. So for a male ant life is a very short term journey, but do the male ant realize it? Probably for the male ant it lives long and prosperous life because all male ants are in the same life boat.

Ants are one of the most ancient planetary species they exist more than 100 million years and evolve constantly till nowadays they represent one of the most intricate social colonies with high communication skills based on pheromones sharing.

If you have read my articles before you should know by now that ants are not my main interest, human beings are and what I am trying to demonstrate in this short article is that our world is narrow and limited much more than the ant world, I say much more because in the human case there is the awareness and consciousness that makes this understanding critical for real life evaluation.

The human span of life is about 29000 days or about 80 planetary orbits around the Sun or about 1000 moon orbits around planet Earth or 0.000023 of the solar system orbit around the center of the Milky Way galaxy. In galactic terms our physical bodies don’t exist or if exists they are unnoticed as the male ant short life span. The male ant is not aware of it as most of human beings are not aware of the limited time span they have on this planet. What differs us from ants is the possibility to ponder about our lives and the choices we have got within our life system to ignore this disturbing question and treat our bodies as the sole marvel of creation.

As ants live in societies so human do as ants have specific rule on this planet so human do, as ants have so limited time to fulfill their mission so human do.

The physical human scale can last for 80 years but its energetic field that can be classified as spirit lives forever and with it the notion that there is a reason for human beings to live on this planet, this reason has to do with a human global energetic radiation that is a feed to this planet, this aim can’t be achieved only by individuals, but by an ant based harmonious society in which individuals share their authentic spirits for personal and planetary development.

 Have magic in your life

Ted Barr, November 2012




a Sperm with shadows


It takes 230 million years for the Sun to complete its orbit around Sagittarius A which is a black hole in the central area of the Milky way galaxy in this time the light radiated from the Sun would travel more than 1400000000 billion miles. Concerning human dimensions it’s not possible to grasp, but in universal dimensions it’s almost unnoticeable. Human life is designed to last for about 100 years so all time related figures are associated to this limited span of time, if human life would last 10000 years all our life perception would be totally different. Modern life is designed to immediate response everything has to be done quickly, now or never like there is no tomorrow. Imagine a 10000 years life span, planning the next year would be like planning your afternoon.

Another dimension that determine our perception of life is the physical body, human beings can cope with a mile or 30000 miles but when astronomical dimensions are brought in mind it’s impossible to digest it, the Sun is about 70000 light years away from the center of the galaxy it is about 420000000 billion miles, the distances between galaxies are much larger, our closest neighbor the Andromeda galaxy is about 2.5 million light years away, there are galaxies 13 billion light years far from us, it’s not in the human scale.

From the elementary particles that are the fundamental bricks of all that exist it’s the same story from the other end of the dimension bar, the electron- proton proportion equals the Sun-Milky galaxy proportions.

The biggest universal structures are too big and the elementary particles are too small for human comprehension, from that understanding stems the fact that human being perception is extremely limited. Most of the happenings in our universe we don t see, most of the sounds we don t hear, most of the smells we are not tuned enough to recognize and most of the building elements of our world are beyond our immediate measures.

This understanding calls for certain kind of humility.

The only thing that is not bounded by physical measurements is our thoughts that can reach the other side of the universe in much greater speed than light, those thoughts have to be coordinated with our physical deficiencies, so the light of human life stems from darkness. The freedom of spiritual development is originated in the prison cell of the mortal body and the immortal human essence should form a continuous path of refinement that is mind based rather than body worship.

The physical body lives till the end of the skin, human thought lives till the end of the universe.

Have magic in your life

Ted Barr, New Jersey, November 2011