About Ted Barr

  Ted Barr expresses himself in a wide variety of areas as, poetic writing. Children        books  painting the celestial elements, teaching art workshops and delivering    speeches about deep space. in 1980 after his release from his regular army service Barr started a set of studies in the many fields he’s interested in: Symbolism, Ancient Egypt, Numerology, mathematical relations and at the same time more traditional academic studies for M.B.A degree in marketing from the Tel Aviv University, graduating in 1990.

Barr wrote several books among them ‘Krombie’ – a children book and ‘Frau Gruber’s Farm’ that was published in Hebrew in 2006 and translated to English in 2011

in 1995 while busy with his kids playing with paints Barr was advised by his wife Orit to try painting. This suggestion was followed by a seven years private learning under the Israeli master Shlomo Tzafrir in Old Jaffa where his first exhibition was opened to the public at 2001

Since then Barr had several exhibitions in New York, Montreal, Palo Alto, Guadalajara, Detroit, Chianciano Terme, Cannes and Paris, Istanbul, Cheshme, Hayward,Ca. , Dallas and Miami. A full list of his art shows appears in his art site.

The leading concepts in Barr’s art is the celestial deep space forms and structures and the beginning of life, embryos, the ovum, the growth of the embryo in the womb, all those inspired from the Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson images.

Barr does not use his name on his canvasses. Instead he developed a private symbol that combines his esoteric studies experience, more details can be read at ‘DE – Barr’s symbol’ at Barr’s site.


In 2006 Barr begun his experimentation with tar, which led to the development of the multilevel tar technique that is used in most of his paintings, this combination is a mixture of tar, acrylic and oil colors with coating of lacquer, in the deep space series there are 15-20 layers in each painting.

Barr’s international career had a twist when in August 2008 he created 3 glass statutes in Olle Jonsson’s studio in Alfta Sweden, those statues were exhibited on December 2008 at the Fusion Arts museum in NYC.

In November 2008 Barr created The Current Art Group, an international artist group aimed to create a platform for Artistic interaction between its members. as to August 2011 the group has about 4000 active members

Barr was invited in May 2009 to Guadalajara by the art teacher Mappy Wereka to deliver a workshop about his multilevel tar technique; this workshop was followed by another workshop in August 2009 in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

Barr created another painting series he calls ‘Cycles of life’ that was exhibited in December 17, 2009 at the Gebo Gallery Tel Aviv Israel. on June 2010 he delivers an art workshop about his creative technique in Hayward California.

In October 2010 there were 4 art events in which Ted Barr was involved, solo exhibition at the Israeli Opera house in Tel Aviv, part of a group exhibition at Ward-Nasse gallery in NYC, delivery of an art workshop at the creative festival in Beit Oren and lecture about thee deep space art and multi-level tar technique.

In May 2011 Barr was invited to the Izmir bienalle in Turkey followed by another invitation for the Bosphoros bienalle in Istanbul. In August Barr’s works are presented at Daniel Gallery in Rotchild Bd and in Ruth gallery both in Tel Aviv, Israel. in October 2011 Barr participates in a show in Dacia gallery NYC and in November Ted Barr delivers a workshop and exhibits at the Luminarte gallery in Dallas TX.

on 2012 Barr curated 2 shows for the current art group in NYC and Miami, on May Barr participated in the Golem show in Vernon gallery Prague, on June he delivered an art workshop and showed at the LMNT gallery in Miami and on November the Broadway show with Dacia gallery in NYC.

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