What define us?



cycle of life series

cycle of life pink

We are defined by what we miss, by what we haven t got by our negatives and shadows.

As light is defined by darkness, matter is defined by void, so life is defined by death. If darkness wouldn’t exist the meaning of light could be pure energy with no color and shadow variations, if the universe was void based no matter could define it, no words could be written and no readers would read those words.

The basic inner fear from death is but an emotional instinctive alarm to be aware to watch for this precious life continuance, two questions arose from this notion:

Life continuance for what?

And why to be afraid from death?

I will  start with the second question, there are no human beings on this planet that were soldiers in the first world war, there won’t exist any living human being that lives now in 200 years’ time, so death is a natural process as being born as being able to walk and speak, there is nothing to be afraid, it is much more frightening to live forever, so now I can refer to the first question, life couldn’t and shouldn’t be an endless process, the one direction journey of the physical body from conception, birth, growth, maturity and death is what defines the urge to live, the need to speak out to be special to leave a mark and live by this mark the entire life.

When dealing with stars and galaxies we are in totally different time-space dimension, in stars time we hardly exist like a one hour living butterfly, that in this short hour he has got he shines with the most colorful wings in an inspiring calm glide. an hour before he was in a cocoon now the hour ends his harmonious colorful body would melt in the ground unnoticed.

Physically it is the same description for any human being what differs us from all other living creatures is our minds, our ability to dwell, ruminate, contemplate about our origin and mission. This is the true meaning of the human journey to explore what would be its best performance in the short time he appears on this planet with the machinery he have got and with the understanding that there is not a second chance.

We are defined by our questions and answers and if there are more questions than answers it means we are still alive


Have magic in your life


Ted Barr



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