There are no shortcuts in life


'Wounded bird'

from the cycle of life painting series – wounded bird

 Every life has its expected cycle. There are no shortcuts in life

Every human being is a result of ovum-sperm convergence then birth, childhood, maturity, old age and eventually death there is no way to escape this cycle, there is no way to appear in middle age and have the opposite journey towards childhood

Life is one directional arrow once fired cannot be drawn back

This simple truth should be deeply pondered. If in this limited time that our life arrow is on the air we won’t be precise and aligned with our truth there won’t be a second chance.

There won’t be another life arrow to the one life we have got

There won’t be another opportunity to fulfill our true destiny in this embodiment  that represent us in this one time magical act we play on the planet Earth stage.

Contemplating and ruminating upon this issue brings in mind the fact that the only limitless faculty in our body is our brain that can reach the farthest border of our expanding universe, our body is an intricate genius build machinery but it is limited to the edge of the skin and to the very limited life span that flash can survive and support our inner organs.

Another fact to be considered is that as every celestial body lives within other similar bodies so human beings are created to live together in tribes, or cities which are the modern tribes, in nations that are inter-related and that can form the base of global cooperation.

In my mind I see global cooperation in revealing the true aim of the human journey, this task is much more crucial then exploring the atom or the deep space.

The truth about atoms and deep space lies within every human being regardless nationality, race and religion; this is the new religion having one global code to unlock the mystery of being.

This has to come from unity rather than separation

Curiosity rather than apathy

Compassion rather than hatred

Acceptance of our limitations rather than knowing all

Openness rather than knowing all

Eternal quest of the human journey rather than knowing all

There are some answers that have no questions

Have magic in your life

Ted Barr, Berlin, November 2012


One thought on “There are no shortcuts in life

  1. Thanks, I spend my life searching for the miraculous. As for ‘the global cooperation revealing the true aim of the human journey’, it’s nothing but a naive dream never to come true. The global trade isn’t a cooperation but a global cheating and all the international treaties come of a fear – i. e. UN, EU, NATO etc. The religious mist is just a chimera. Good luck in your search for the magic!

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