Cycles of being


Wounded bird from the Cycle of life painting series created by Ted Barr


The headline ‘cycle of life’ is a partial name and doesn’t describe the full dynamic at play. The name should be the cycle of being and evolving in which life is but a part of a much larger and endless span of continuous metamorphosis between matter, awareness, energy that weave together in what appears to be being. I wrote few articles about the motivation in creating my new ‘Cycle of life’ painting series, this short article is a complementary way to look at this concept.

Being or living is but a short manifestation of matter and awareness. It is obvious that all living creatures would die, but dying is yet another moment of transformation in which matter and awareness separates and returns into mother Earth arsenal for creating other forms of life or life supporting entities.

The question is what happens to the awareness part that defines human beings. Religions were created for this enigma, if the life/death cycle would be clear we wouldn’t need pops, priests and rabbis; we would not need fairy tale ideas about heaven and hell; nor soldiers and armies. The disagreement about who holds the true meaning of life caused more deaths than any disease or planetary revenge. We need religion because we need to be part of something, as one cell is lost alone. There are no lonely planets, but only planets gathering around a sun, so it is a human need to gather around something. In ancient times it was but a campfire. How many lives could be spared along history if campfires would be the main cause of human gatherings?

I believe that nothing awaits us after death. Even if we eat the best marvels of the world cuisine we will turn skinny after few days in the ground. As I see it, the meaning of life lies only in the contribution of all human lives to a certain planetary order and as the ant or the bee dies after completing its mission so human beings and every other living creature.  Living is but a part, a very small part in the being chain, so it is only the circle that can encapsulate the essence of the endless cycle that has no beginning nor end, as the universe has no beginning or end because the ultimate rational explanation of God is what created the Big Bang, and the Dalai Lama answered wisely in saying that our universe came into being by another universe.

In the cycle of life series I tried to depict some of those aspects, this is the way I try to live the only life I’ve got; by sharing my thoughts and images with other human beings that are awake and willing to listen.

Have magic in your life

Ted Barr, Vienna, 2012



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