Moments to be remembered


Moments to be remembered

Most our moments pass untraced. We remember only special events, the more we remember means the more extraordinary events we experienced. Lucky is the one that can cherish as many good moments.

From this understanding stems the question. Why is life treated in such a casual way, why is it that people live like they will stay here forever, why life, the force of life in human being doesn’t t send  alert signals that would awaken the urge to create some meaningful moments before we depart from our bodies.

Human beings are the only creatures on planet Earth that act against their nature, that have been given the privilege of rational choices that were given the opportunity of spiritual development, higher levels of self-understanding, means to enquire about their origin, planets, stars and universal events, and with all those given capabilities it seems that most of the choices are in the wrong direction.

I don t consider myself to be an authority that can determine what is the right direction, but by observing life for more than 50 years it’s clear to me what are the moments I will remember, what are the events in my life that are engraved in my path and won’t ever be forgotten. Most of those moments have to do with giving.

During an art workshop I gave in San Miguel De Allende in Mexico, one of the participating students asked me if I’m not afraid to give this technique I developed away and shouldn’t I be bothered that other artists would imitate my art, I said to her that I was never in my life sorry for the things I gave but I often regretted the things I didn’t give.

The entire ancient world was about giving and sharing, people that lived in the same tribe shared all their possessions, food ceremonies together.

In the modern world it’s all about taking, from each other, from ourselves from society from the planet. In an ancient tribe all inhabitants knew each other; in a condominium apartment in NYC most probably won’t know the name of their next door neighbor.

Times pass quickly, moments flow in an everlasting one direction sea of destiny where physical bodies are not accepted.

So why not have a radical change in your attitude towards your life.

Wake up and live.

Create as many meaningful moments because what passes today won’t return tomorrow, from the 30000 days we got every day counts, every moment. When we’ll leave our physical bodies we leave behind all that is attached to the physical we’ll continue to exist only in those people that we managed to truly share, touch or emotionally connect.

Have magic in your life

Ted Barr, Dallas TX. November 2011

Glass work

made in Okelbo Sweden by Ted Barr


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