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The common scientific theory about the universe creation is the BIG BANG which indicates that infinite matter or energy started from a singular point and from this infinitesimal area all the known matter in the universe emerged. This is one of the most embarrassing theories in astrophysical science. Imagine that all the matter in your room is condensed into a tennis ball, and then all the matter in your 6 stores building is condensed into a ping pong ball, now the matter of all people in your country , animals, buildings, trees, soil everything is condensed into a button, and now that all matter on planet Earth is condensed into a needle hole and then all the matter of the solar system and all galaxy matter (one galaxy contains 100 billion stars and there are 100 billion galaxies in the universe, something is a bit distorted here. It might be that we as human beings are not capable to dwell into those fantastic scales, because if this theory is true the first dot of matter should have weighted billions of billions of billions of tons.

When I think about the very first moment of creation I think just about a trigger that changes matter into energy, the mutual transformation between matter and energy is well known and is the basic foundation for the quantum  and string theories, so I can imagine a huge tube that absorbs dormant matter from one side and transforms it to energy from the other side, like a giant round pile that starts to swivel the matter it is consisted of. I don t think we will ever get closer to the question from where was the matter from the first place. The thought of matter in motion is totally different than matter that stands still, only from moving matter creation can exist, only from generating energy the transformation matter-energy  can occur and only when there is movement in matter that is caused by energy time begins. So it might be that the first step of the universe was a total annihilation of matter and anti matter then the transformation of little amount of matter into energy that annihilates more of the anti matter and causes more matter-energy transformation till the point that the energy could transcend through this tube in a huge blast that started our known universe, the matter was not concentrated in a minuscule area but rather changed form from dormant stand still matter into energy that turned into matter once it passed the transforming tube.

This is not a theory based on scientific evidence but rather free thoughts about what seems to be more rational than the existing theory. I believe the BIG BANG theory should be examined thoroughly before considered the one and only possibility of our universe birth.

Another thought is about birth and death, those actions are time related, if there s no time nothing is born and if there s no movement in time nothing dies, so the universe in its first seconds emerged  from existing matter with no date label. The BIG BANG theory sets the universe beginning as 13.7 billion years  ago while its clear that time in the beginning of the universe creation was totally different then today

Ted barr