The chicken and the void



star constellation within the Milky way galaxy

The current astronomical knowledge speaks about continuous movement of galaxies, there are solid evidences that galaxies and galaxy clusters are moving faster, so the distances between galaxies are getting larger. The older the galaxy the faster it rotates away from us. This enigma hides within it another greater question; to where do those galaxies move?

The universe is defined by the big void, but there is no definition for this void.

Does a void have boundaries, would the running galaxies face a wall in the end of the universe, does any kind of energy or matter even in infinitesimal scale exist in a void, and would it still be considered void?

The idea of the ‘BIG BANG’ relates to existing matter that in one mysterious fraction of a second was ignited in an enormous blast that spread all matter and energy known today to create all the suns, constellations, galaxies and galaxy clusters that are all called ‘universe’. This theory is problematic, if in the beginning of the universe there was such a great amount of matter or energy. It couldn’t be a void from the first place and if it wasn’t a void someone or something were responsible to create something out of nothing (void) from this moment on there was no void and all transformation of energy-matter and vice versa were possible in order to manifest the wide cosmos we witness through our latest telescopes. Religion is the best way to avoid difficult questions, if god exists all the void problems are gone, it’s not the void creation it is god’s creation, so may be the definition of what is called god and the void are the same.

The void is endless with no boundaries, it doesn’t t have a beginning nor end, it is undefinable and it contains itself, in most religions this is the definition of god.

The only practical and logical solution to the creation-void enigma is to think about the void as an active entity with dormant sources of energy that only awaits the right moment to ignite and be activated and by this activation to create new worlds. And from where was this energy from the first place? For that you need to read this article from the beginning the famous question what was first the chicken or the egg?

What was first the void or god?

Have magic in your life

Ted Barr,  NYC, November 2011


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