Thoughts about the future of the human race


There were periods in history with unnoticed changes between generations, where human life in 200 or 300 years’ time would look  almost the same, as from the beginning of the industrial revolution we witness an era of rapid change that with the benefit of elongating human lives and improvements in health, education and standard living conditions bring as well greater social gaps, food shortage and continuous sense of crisis. From the beginning of the 21st century there have been major financial earthquakes that shake all the developed countries and with them, because the entire world has tight economic bounding, the rest of the globe. The more we live in this century the more evident it becomes that something is basically wrong with the Capitalistic system.

In the developing countries there was a 80% increase in grain consumption from the early eighties of the last century. According to OECD Agricultural department the prices of sugar and corn are going to raise more than 40% in the next 10 years, the price of poultry will rise about 60% in this period   and the price of Ethanol,  the biodiesel fuel, by more than 80%.

Another major fact in this equilibrium is that the world population increased from 1 billion 200 years ago to 7 billion at 2011, Those basic facts speaks about some very dramatic changes that need to be adapted regarding cultivation that won’t waste so rapidly the planet resources. It might be that our next generation would transform into a robotic cloning that would be self-sustained and energized by solar energy. The other gloomy scenario is drawing back to barters, goods exchange,  salt for poultry, eggs for seeds etc. in this scenario only those that will possess edible assets would survive, farmers will become the kings of the world, all the financial system would collapse because gold will be good as an aesthetic  devise nothing more, and money would be useless, the best investment would be to buy  agricultural farms and when times become rough and dangerous an isolated self-sustaining  island would be priceless (100000 cows)

The current economic situation has another 10-20 years of slow and agonizing death, most of the countries are in great debts, in August 2011 the debt of Japan was twice it’s  annual economy value, the USA about 100% France about 90%. the fall of one of those countries would cause a tremendous and rapid domino effect that would turn the 2008 crisis into a sad joke

Is it inevitable?

Only if a firm resolution of an accepted international authority would elect some dedicated and skillful experts that would be nominated to as a global government.

maybe we still need to witness a major financial collapse in order to get back to our senses and start to think rationally that means globally, about the future of our Planet Earth and the future of all those upcoming generations that would need space, food and security to continue the human race.


Have magic in your life


Ted Barr


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