Is Evil Inevitable?



Reading Jonathan Littell book , The Kindly Ones , I was dwelling again in the question how such horror could exist on planet Earth. For those of you who had not yet the opportunity to read this monumental masterpiece, it speaks about the life of Max Aue, a Nazi officer in the Eastern front during the second world war, the book is about telling the story as it was, no colors or flavors added, the executions of the Jews, Gipsy, and Partisans, are horrifying with their clear, straight descriptions. The feeling is that it was the hugest death factory the world had ever experienced and that the soldiers involved were the workers but instead of creating they shoot other human beings and made other human beings to bury the dead before they would be shot, this perpetual death cycle was performed by civilized Germans by doctors, engineers and other academic scholars that were classic music and theater fans, so how come such people through little children alive in the fire and made their mother watch before they burned her as well, what is the mechanism behind such cruelty? And is it that it was a singular German fault orchestrated by one of the greatest lunatic leaders, Hitler?

Viewing the history of mankind the Nazi regime cruelty was not an exception, the ancient Israelites  had killed all man and child whilst concurring a new enemy city, the Mongols were cutting their enemies inner organs while they were still alive, the Soviets in Stalin’s epoch were tortured and killed by millions, hundreds of thousands have disappeared in working camps, in Africa there were horrible doings between the Tutsi and the Hutu tribes where 12 and 13-year-old boys were ordered to kill their neighbors .

It happens all over the globe in any epoch by almost any nation, it brings in mind sad thoughts about human nature. The evil is a constant part of the human possible manifestation actually it is harder to control it than to manifest the best, fine spiritual aspects in any human life, so it s there forever, as long there would be human beings on this planet there would be evil there can t be light without darkness the question is only the proportions, we can have one candle among total darkness and we can have million candles at twilight, it is really up to the society, nation, and individuals to set the moral standards with the vision of the Holocaust, the Mongols and the Inquisition.

All the neo Nazi groups should learn again and again the past century history and from that to think if they wish this kind of history for their children.

All civilized countries including Israel should consider a revolutionary change in their attitude towards those that oppose them, oppression turns against you and leads to unacceptable moral doings that their extreme is depicted in Jonathan

feeding the black hole

Littell book.


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