Cycle of life painting series

About dreams


The DREAMS painting series is created from the notion that we as human beings are finite and limited creatures, the more knowledge we absorb , the more clear understanding of our limitations we have.

Reality offers much wider scope of events than what the human brain and senses can encompass, we can see a very narrow range of light spectrum, we can hear a tiny portion of sounds, our smell sense is about 200 fold lesser than dogs, our span of life is about one to 10 million of our sun life.

From those limitation arises an understanding that human development cannot occur in the physical realm, our brain is one of the most intricate machines in the universe, it s the only imperative, to use the brain in order to find out for what reason it s placed in our heads, if it was only for survival we would need much smaller brain, and if it was meant to guide us in turning richer even lesser brain capacity would be needed.

The immediate and reachable area where human beings escape daily from their prison is in their dreams, which are electrical manifestation of brain/senses process. Dreams, unlike the physical machinery have no boundaries, there are no right or wrongs, there are no benefits or punishments, there are just pure imaginative images that can turn to be a healing process if understood as guidelines and symbols for each human growth, from this standpoint I created the DREAMS  series.

In this painting series there are images that appeared in my dreams some of them revealed themselves few times, some of them where so powerful that made me jump from my bed straight to the sketching notebook. After years of research I understood that even in the most common dreams there are cycles of symbols, the more I painted  the clearer this notion became, I dream in symbols that are encoded and could be deciphered only when my mind was not aware of their presence, there is a very small area I managed to decipher and to adopt as my own understanding of the spiritual process involved in my dreams, every kind of journey has to start somewhere, every dream has to live in a physical body but has its independent journey, the two roads can be parallel or have a common horizon if dreams are deciphered and their symbols understood.

In my DREAMS series I painted my own symbols, but when I shared it with others I found out that there are common dreams and common symbols.

I find dreams as the greatest opportunity to let my imagination free and to freshly examine my life and my art from a totally different angle, basically from the place where there is no shared habits or agreed rules, but an alternative world, adjacent to ours, that is as real, or even more real than our ordinary life. From this understanding stems the greatest bliss which I call magic, this is the reason why I end my mails with the sentence

Have magic in your life


Ted Barr


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