Human life paradox

Human life paradox

I often ask myself how is it that I m doing so many things that has nothing to do with wellbeing and happiness, how is it that most of the time I m dealing with problems rather than enhancing my life and the lives of my relatives and friends. When I started to discuss those issues I found out that it s not only me but the majority of the people I know that lives in a constant sense of frustration. We live in the era of denial, we have almost everything in the alternative world of matter, but we lack the most precious vitamin which is passion for life, for transforming for the better, for sharing. If there is one agreed fact that no one can deny, it is that human life has beginning and an end, that the physical body is here to stay for less than 100 years which in planetary or galaxy scale is but an infinitesimal time span, so why to deny happiness and bliss? Why being so busy with the wrong reasons? And why not simply say no to what stops us from expecting tomorrow with a smile?
I m not writing this because I saw the light, far from that I saw in my life much more darkness than brightness but at least I have a clear sense that it s there, light, happiness, life passion are there and are reachable.
I don t believe in radical changes, we can start with small steps in the right direction, such as to have one afternoon only to ourselves and in this private hours to do only what makes us happy to meet only with those that enhance our lives, those that dreamed of painting it s never too late to start and those that from childhood wanted to play the guitar this afternoon is for you.
It can be a morning as well, it can be a week, a month or the entire life, but let s start by saying,
I ll do that for me, I deserve that and I won t live forever.
Have magic in your life
Ted Barr

the connection between galaxies and embryos

created by Ted Barr


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