DE – Dual Eternity – Ted Barr’s sign


the Girus stars constellation

Girus created by Ted Barr in 2009


In my paintings I sign by a symbol. In the following short article I ll try to summarize its meaning. several study fields are involved In this explanation: deep space astronomy, kabala  learnings, ancient Egypt symbolism, numerology and the higher meanining of colors as being the expression of different energetic levels. All those areas of interest took part in the creation of the symbol I call DE – DUAL ETERNITY.

There are several area concerning elementary knowledge, that I ll open in the realms of, symbolism, numerology, ancient Egypt. Jewish kabala and the colors, and then I ll  try to unite all the information together in a singular form.

The subtitle for this sign is proportions. From very young age I m dwelling on the stars and the mysteries of deep space, as I dig deeper in the universe vastness I understand more clearly that humanity with its magnificent new tools is just about to scratch the surface of the greatest mysteries of all, from where everything emerged. What is the origin of the universe and of human life. The vastness of the universe puts in different scale some of the common notions about human existence. In universal proportions, a human is but a tiniest dot of dust that disappears before noticed. Human beings are just temporary visitors in their bodies, planets, and galaxies. The human physical body is a temporary host for a higher entity that  has different names in different languages and religions, it is the embodiment of the so called spirit which in all religions stems from the singular source of creation. This part never dies. Energy could never disappear. it can transform, as matter can transform to energy at the speed of light, so spirits are in eternal journey through different forms and physical bodies.

Proportions speaks about relativity. If all human beings where in average 1 inch high. Than a rat with become a dinosaur. Dwelling in deep space realm needs certain kind of measurement adjustments , and with it the understanding that all the information received by far reaching telescopes and satellites is but a tiny fractions of what really exists. Just for clarification, here are some facts:

Distances in the universe are measured by light years, which is the distance light passes in vacuum within a year time, this distance is equivalent to 6000 billion miles.

The sun exists 4.5 billion years and it will finally end its energy source in another 4.5 billion years. The final seconds of sun life would turn into hugh explosion that in cosmic terms is called supernova, in which the sun matter collapses into a hard core neutrons star 50 km in diameter, the original diameter of the sun is about 1200000 km.

In our galaxy the MILKY WAY there are 100 billion stars (star is a radiating object like the sun it s impossible to give a prediction about the planets)

There are about 100 billion galaxies in the universe.

The universe exists for 14 billion years.

Human minds are connected so human beings can grasp the vastness and enormity of those facts, but there is no way they can apply it to their normal lives, because they live in a totally different scale, and they can encompass totally different dimensions.

Numerology – short summary



3- produce

4- the first fixation

5- human level

6- breaking through

7- cycles

8- infinity

9- breaking through second level

5 is the number that resembles human beings, it stems from the basic  five extensions body form, 5 fingers, five senses, 5 cycles of life and 5 forces of life in the Egyptian mythology. The symbol that represent the human essence is the pentagram, this symbol was used from very early age to symbolize the earthly embodiment of the spirit, this is symbolized again by the ankh Cross that represents life (immortality) and death, male, female, and balance. It can also represent zest, joy of life, and energy. It is closely related to the looped cross that can mean fertility and life.

The Ancient Egyptians used the ankh to stand for the word akh meaning life

Ankh– This magic knot or cross, known as Nem Ankh, the key of life, was often used in the iconography of opposites. The loop over the tau-cross could stand for the Sun, for the universe and Earth as the macrocosm and for man as the microcosm. It is generally interpreted as a symbol which expresses the reconciliation of opposites of the integration of active and passive qualities. This is amply confirmed by the fact that, when recumbent, the ankh symbolizes both male and female sexual attributes.

the symbol of the millions of years of the life to come. The loop is the perfect symbol of what has neither beginning nor end and stands for the soul which is eternal because it has sprung from the spiritual essence of the gods. The cross represents the state of trance in which the neophyte struggled, or, more precisely, the state of death, the crucifixion of the chosen victim, and in some temples the priests used to lay the neophyte on a bed shaped like the cross… The possessor of the geometric key to the hidden mysteries, of which the symbol was this very looped cross, was able to open the gates of the Kingdom of the Dead and penetrate the hidden meaning of eternal life. Gods, kinks and Isis,  are depicted holding the ankh to show that they command the powers of life and death and that they are immortal. The dead also carry it at the time their souls are weighed or when they are aboard the Boat of the Sun God, as a sign that they seek this same immortality from the gods. Furthermore the ankh symbolized the spring from which flowed divine virtues and the elixir of immortality. Therefore to hold the ankh was to be connected to divine energies. It was sometimes held upside down by the loop – especially in funeral rites when it suggested the shape of a key and in reality was the key which opened the gateway of the tomb into the Fields of Aalu, the realm of eternity. Sometimes the ankh is placed on the forehead, between the eyes, and then it symbolizes the duty of the adept to keep secret the mystery into which he has been initiated – it is the key which locks these secrets away from the uninitiated. Blessed by the supreme vision, endowed with clairvoyance to pierce the veil of the beyond, he cannot attempt to reveal the mystery without losing it for ever.

The ankh is often set in the same category as the Girdle of Isis, as a symbol of eternity. This is not because its straight lines may be lengthened in the imagination to infinity, but because they converge upon and meet in a closed loop. This loop symbolizes the inexhaustible essence of the life force identified with Isis, from whom life flows in all its forms. it is therefore carried by all those who wish to share her life. Hence the ankh may be identified with the Tree of Life, with its trunk and foliage.

The significance of the Girdle of Isis is far more complex. Like rope work or plaited hair round the arms and the loop of the cross, it infuses the concept of life and of immortality with the concept of the knots which tie down mortal life on Earth and which must be unraveled to enjoy immortality. `Free your bonds,’ says The Egyptian Book of the Dead, `untie the knots of Nephthys.’ And again: `Shining are those who carry the girdle. Oh! Bearers of the Girdle.’ The same meaning is conveyed by the Tibetan Buddhist book called The Book of the Untying of the Knots. While the plain looped cross symbolizes divine immortality, sought or attained, the Girdle of Isis makes clear the conditions under which that immortality is obtained – by the untying of knots – dénouement in the true sense of the word. This is connected to the basic structure of matter, wave-particles, positive- negative, masculine- feminine and the balancing force, negative – electron, positive – proton, neutral – neutron.

The same elements appear in the Jewish kabala, which is the hidden translation of the bible. The kabala principle is that human life has no beginning and no end, the main aim of the human journey is refinement and crystallization of the higher essence of the human existence into’closer to the creator entity’.thus human life on earth is subject to a hidden mission of fixing, repairs or untying of the spiritual knots in the higher level of human existence, in order to arrive in the other circle of life (after leaving the physical body behind) in a more complete and refined spiritual level.

The five elements of human beings

The concept of the Ka and the Ba is an ancient one which is not so easy to understand for our western minds. The ancient Egyptians regarded the human being as made up of five different elements; the Ba, the Ka, the Akh, the Name and the Shadow.

The Ka – the life giving energy

Originally the word Ka meant ‘bull’, but its true meaning is spiritual power, this is to mean the motivation and drive in any human being, the higher source of energy which is the fuel for creativity..

It was thought that the creator god Khnum created a person´s Ka when he created the person on his potter´s wheel. The Ka then followed the person like a shadow or a double all through life, but when the person died, the Ka returned to its heavenly abode. It was also dependent on food offerings, either real ones or carved as depictions on tomb walls. Unlike the Ba, the Ka was not thought to eat these offerings, but to assimilate their energy in the same way that the cult statues of the gods ‘assimilated’ the energy from the offerings set before them.

The Ba

The Ba refers to all those non-physical qualities that make up the personality of a human. But it also has to do with power – and gods as well as humans can have a Ba. Certain deities were even described as being the Ba of another god, the Ba of Re was the Benu bird at Heliopolis, and the Apis bull was considered the Ba of Osiris.

We can dwell upon it in current symbolism that the American ba is the American eagle.

An important function of the Ba was to make it possible for the deceased to leave his tomb and rejoin his Ka. As the pysical body could no longer do this, the Ba, transformed into a bird with a human head, which could fly between the tomb and the underworld. It was also believed that the Ba could take on any form it chose, and that it had to reunite with the deceased every night in order for the deceased person to live forever and become an Akh; an ancestor.

So the Ba was very much attached to the physical body, contrary to the concept of the soul or the spirit. It was even thought that the Ba had physical needs, like food and water.

Akh – life or life manifestation in ancient Egypt, this is the origin of the ankh – the symbol of the immortal everlasting circle of life that death is an eternal part of it.

This was the form in which the blessed dead lived on in the hereafter. It was also the result of the union between the Ba and the Ka. An Akh was believed to live on unharmed for eternity, they were sometimes referred to as ‘The Shining Ones’. This motive appears in all main religions, the human is but a small dot in a much larger puzzle that includes past lives and future passages of the spirit.

Name – in the kabala it is said that the first sign of creation is giving the created subject a name

The Name (ren) was a very important part of an individual. It was regarded as a living part of the individual and it was believed that the name or the word was the perfect expression of the person or thing in question. A newborn child had to get a name immediately or it would not come properly into existence.

To get a good understanding of the importance of a Name, one can think of the Memphite Theology where it is expressed that the creator god Ptah created the world by uttering all the names for everything, and only after the name was announced the matter and form where visible.

It was thought that ‘whosoever´s name is uttered, then he lives’, which make us remember that to give offerings and utter a deceased loved one´s name meant that the person lived on among ‘The Shining Ones’. And the only person who could destroy demonic powers was he who knew their names. When travelling through the Underworld, the dangers that were encountered, were repelled with : ‘I know you and I know your names’.

Shadow – the power of the shadow belongs to the underworlds, which is the shadow world for the common earthly lives as the first mortal stage.

Finally, the Shadow (shwt) was also believed to be a living, essential part of the individual. Now, we must realize that in a country such as Egypt, shadow can be a blessing and protection from the burning rays of the sun. It was also seen as an entity with power, and which could move at great speed.

Just as the Shadow can protect, it needs to be protected, in likewise manner. Here´s the ancient Egyptian duality can be seen, which means that everything exists also in its complementary form. Nothing existed isolated, only for itself. The function was always intertwined with their universe, with Netjer and with Man.

The idea of the shadow appears in modern physics as the dark force or dark energy or matter and anti matter, which are unknown kind of matter and force that exists in  other worlds and can t be seen, but are essential for balancing the inner and outer forces of galaxies.

The jewish kabala speaks about the 5 stages of the human spiritual enlightment

Ruach – spirit

Nefesh – human essence

Neshama – soul

Haya – the elevating stage of the spirit

Yehida – singularity, total connection to the source of creation and enlightment

I make this sign out of 35 white dots, I choose the color white because it has the essence of absorbing spiritual forms of existence and dots because life is not linear and can not be described as a straight line but the ongoing journey through several stages of personal development levels.

There are 2 figures because life won t exist without the duality aspect, feminine and masculine. Every life is the result of the bondage between opposite and complimentary energies

About colors

Colors are the first coat of energy, this is the form that appears in the eye and is translated to a given color name. colors are different frequencies of energy, the red hat would remain red in the dark. The spectrum of light is much broader than the human eye can observe. From ultraviolet to infrared it s about 10% that the human eye absorbs.

The color black represents denial and separate kind of energy. Black is not the opposite of white but the other end bar of all other colors.

White is a collective color. It s energy contain all other color frequencies, thus white is the ultimate combination of all colors this is the reason why when you turn a  colorful dreidel in high speed then all colors would turn into white, this is the reason why light appears white.






each organ is made out of 5 dots  which stands for the basic human form, that is symbolized by the  pentagram.

Every figure contains 26 dots that in numerology is 8 and stands for infinity that relates to the upper circle of the ankh and the spirit essence in any human being. Each figure holds the ankh that contains 7 dots at the handle level and 3 dots at the circle or higher level this symbolizes the 10 spheres in the human creation realm as appears in the kabala

Which are divided into 7 basic spheres and the 3 higher spheres

All  the white dots sum in total to 35 dots again 8 that resembles infinity

Ted barr


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