As Above So Below

Theodor barr s art – as above so below

Painting the celestial sky brings in mind some questions about the origin of life, dealing with conception, pregnancy and birth evokes similar questions about the cause of life and the very first moment that it all began. As for the conception this primary moment is the convergence of sperm and ovum, in the celestial realm it s what is called ‘the big bang’,  an unexplained fraction of infinitesimal time that represents infinite energy in a singular space area, all those elements are beyond human perception. Human beings are designed to grasp the world on a very limited scale so it s clear that there is much more to see, hear, Smell and sense than what the human senses can translate. The micro cosmos is far too small and the galactic worlds are far too vast for the human scope but with that notion arises a strange and enigmatic notion, there is a strong connection between those other worlds.

Since 1995 I m painting the deep space, galaxies, quasars, red giants and supernovas became my models. In the last year I started to paint a new series of painting inspired by the inner body photography of lennart nilsson that depicts the human formation and the fetus in the womb.

The more I explored the deep space and the new findings of the HUBBLE telescope, I found more similarity between the large scale formats of the universe and the tiniest building stones of the human existence.

All that exists moves. all that moves, moves in circles as the electron swivels the proton, the earth orbits the sun and the sun surrounds a central point (a black hole called Sagittarius A ) in the milky way. There is nothing that stands still  in the universe, there is  a constant vibration that is the core essence of every movement, this vibration has similar shape in the miniscule worlds and in the galactic realm.

In my art I am trying to connect those worlds. The atomic and molecular space-time bar and the star-galaxy- galaxy cluster space-time realm. I try to visualize the placements within space and the relations between celestial bodies as between the emerging fingers of the new born embryo.

All my recent art is influenced from the ancient saying:

As above so below

Have magic in your life

Ted barr     – +972505202060

from the deep space series created by Ted Barr on 2009

one of 12 quasars paintings


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