Free the life within you – art workshop with Ted Barr

Triangulum galaxy painted by Ted Barr

Free the life within you

Ted Barr’ s painting and meditation workshop

Picasso was asked what differs him from other artists, he replied,

“I wasn’ t afraid to change”.

The fly workshop is about change, is about being open to new knowledge, new ways of expression, new technique.

Painting can reveal multiple aspects in any artist, some hide it, some over expose it, some artist paint out of pain, some out of necessity, one of the main objectives of this workshop is to bring artists into the realm of joy.

Ted barr developed his unique technique by combining tar, asphalt, oil, acrylic and lacquers in order to depict the deep space, with those fresh and original paintings he discovered the joy in the usage of multi level colors and formations that stem from freedom of the mind and creativity.

The fly workshop combines early morning meditation and physical exercises for body and mind balance so the joy of new learning will mark a fresh beginning for every artist that is open and willing to change.

For more details:

Spanish speakers to Mappy Wereka in Mexico or Gloria Belendez

Europe artists    to Lavinia Lumbreras in Spain

South east Asia artists   to kate Lahav in Thailand

Ted Barr     


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