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Free the life within you – art workshop with Ted Barr

Triangulum galaxy painted by Ted Barr

Free the life within you

Ted Barr’ s painting and meditation workshop

Picasso was asked what differs him from other artists, he replied,

“I wasn’ t afraid to change”.

The fly workshop is about change, is about being open to new knowledge, new ways of expression, new technique.

Painting can reveal multiple aspects in any artist, some hide it, some over expose it, some artist paint out of pain, some out of necessity, one of the main objectives of this workshop is to bring artists into the realm of joy.

Ted barr developed his unique technique by combining tar, asphalt, oil, acrylic and lacquers in order to depict the deep space, with those fresh and original paintings he discovered the joy in the usage of multi level colors and formations that stem from freedom of the mind and creativity.

The fly workshop combines early morning meditation and physical exercises for body and mind balance so the joy of new learning will mark a fresh beginning for every artist that is open and willing to change.

For more details:

Spanish speakers to Mappy Wereka in Mexico or Gloria Belendez

Europe artists    to Lavinia Lumbreras in Spain

South east Asia artists   to kate Lahav in Thailand

Ted Barr     


black holes

painted by Ted Barr in 2009

Black holes are enigmatic areas in the universe from which no light or visual traces can be measured. Science know they exist only for the massive gravitational impact those holes have on  their surroundings. Stars that are attracted to a black hole would disappear when they reach the point called the black hole event horizon, what happens inside black holes is unknown, there are many unproved theories amongst them the worm hole theory that speaks about passage through a time tunnel to a different time dimension. In our galaxy, the milky way exist a grand black hole named Sagittarius A its mass is about 3,000,000 sun masses, our solar system surrounds Sagittarius A in a 230,000,000 years orbit, we on planet earth circle this black hole, that circles  much further gravitational area within the Virgo cluster , that contains our milky way galaxy.

Black holes are not only celestial enigmatic areas, there are black holes inside human beings, there are people attracted to black holes and there are black holes that swallow all light and energy around them. The only way to avoid black holes is to concentrate on white dots (this is the reason I use in my symbol 35 white dots). Light is so rare in the universe, but only light refute darkness and only human beings can create the light of life.

Have magic in your life

Ted barr


FROM THE DEEP SPACE PAINTING SERIES BY TED BARRDuring a military operation in 1977, a grenade exploded near me.  Sol, a young officer and close friend was behind me.  Sol’s body shielded me from the exploding shrapnel.  He was killed and I am still alive.  Since then I have carried a constant sense of guilt for Sol’s young life, that his death enabled mine and with it a sense of urgency, a clear deep notion that nothing in this life is guaranteed.  Nothing is secure, nothing lasts forever.

From the moment I realized that my life was the most precious thing I have, I haven’t stopped searching for its meaning. What I found out was that what drives me in my life and is depicted in my art, is the clear inner understanding that I am but a momentary visitor.  I carry within me a constant notion, that I just arrived to planet Earth for a short visit and soon I will have to leave.  The  human cycle, from birth, childhood, adulthood, aging and dying, has not changed throughout the history of mankind.  We are born and we die, no one escapes this fate.

When my army service ended, I joined the Emin esoteric group, based in London. During my studies of the esoteric and occult worlds, I met many others who shared the same questions:

What is the purpose of being?

Why now?

Why me?

From the seven intensive years of learning in this group, I realized that hints about the purpose of human existence are hidden in almost all known religions.  After the Emin period, I entered the realm of symbolism, which I found to be ancient codes for unlocking the cycle of life mysteries.  My journey led me through ancient Egypt, Babylon, the Aztecs, Hinduism, Sufism, Kabala writings and even the Aboriginal myths.  What I found out amazed me.  The deeper I dived into the religious aspect, the clearer the understanding that all ancient prophets, philosophers, writers, priests, spoke about the same things.  From this point on I focused on what are the common denominators between different religions and the majority of the occult writings.

In 1995 I started painting.  I never painted before nor was I interested in the art world.  I rarely visited museums or galleries, but when my wife saw me scribbling with our kids, she insisted that my main field of expression should shift from writing to painting. (She does not like my novels.)  So there I was at Sholomo Tzafrir studio in Old Jaffa, learning the basics of drawing from this Israeli old master.  For seven years, I painted what my painting master taught me.  A week after he died, I started to paint my own images, galaxies and embryos.

In 2005 I started my experiments with unconventional ingredients such as, tar, asphalt and lacquer.  When mixing acrylic colors with tar, I got the most unexpected forms and colors.  I kept on experimenting until I found the multi-layered tar painting technique.  I teach this method in my

Free the Life Within You” workshops around the world.

Since childhood I have had a passion for deep space.  The starry nights were my playground.  No wonder I was considered the odd one as a child.  I would fantasize that out there far far away in deep space there could be another child like me thinking the same thoughts.  My main desire was to connect to all those that share the same idea that the universe is bound together by mysterious strings.

Along with my study of painting, I started a self journey of deep space exploration.  How the universe was shaped and how it evolved?  This was an inspiring period in which I learned the basic patterns of celestial objects.  As the moon circles planet Earth, the Earth circles the sun, so the sun encircles every 230 million years a black hole named Sagittarius A in the center of our Milky way galaxy.  Even our galaxy with its 100 billion stars, rotates around the central gravity area in the Virgo galaxy cluster.

As atoms are the bricks of matter, cells are the bricks of human beings.  Suns are the atoms of galaxies and galaxies the cells of the universe.

In the end of 2008, seven years after I started my galaxies paintings, I started a new series based on the Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson’s photos of sperm, ovum and the embryonic stages from conception to birth.

We exist in average for 30,000 days, but how many of those days do we really remember?   The day I looked the first time at Lennart Nillson’s images, was a day I’ll never forget.  Suddenly it was a big puzzle forming in place.  The ovum seemed like a huge sun, the enlarged finger prints resembled a galaxy, the embryo had the same spiral movement as our own galaxy the Milky Way.

For a rare moment, it was like a heavy curtain unfolding in front of my eyes.  I felt, sensed, meditated the unity of all that shares my existence.

There is a surprising resemblance between human life and star life.  Stars are born, grow, mature and die but even here it is not a final death.  A star would blast in a huge explosion called Supernova, in which great amount of matter condense in a tiny area.  This process releases to deep space billions of billions tons of matter, from which new stars are formed just to grow, mature and explode a few billion years later.

Humans live in families, cities, countries and continents.  Our star family is the moon (we are a single parent with a single child), our country is the solar system, our continent is the Milky way, our bigger world is the Local cluster that contains 30 other galaxies that are bound together by gravity.  The Local cluster belongs to a bigger cluster the Virgo cluster that contains around 2000 galaxies.  Even our gigantic Virgo cluster is an unnoticed area in the endless universe.

When entering the realm of celestial element, I asked the same questions, mainly what is the common denominator between them all.  What are the modeling rules that shape our known universe and do they connect somehow to the rules that dominate our spiritual life?

One of our main sources of exploring deep space is the Hubble space telescope.  Placed in orbit by NASA in 1990.  Since then NASA shares with all humanity the splendor of the deepest skies and most remote galaxies.


Studying the celestial patterns, I wrote 4 basic patterns that are applicable to any object in space.

MOVEMENT – there is no celestial element that stands still.  Movement in the universe is spiral shaped.

GATHERING – there is no celestial element that stands alone.  Planets are bound to suns, suns to galaxies, galaxies to clusters.

CYCLES – all celestial movements manifest in cycles.

EVOLUTION – there is a constant evolution through the ray of creation.  In this respect we need to consider proportions.  If the human evolution takes about seventy years, a star’s evolution is about seven billion years.

It is important to emphasize the proportion aspect.  Distances in the universe are measured in light years, which is the distance light travels in one year and it is equivalent to 5600 billion miles.  According to the Big Bang theory, the universe exists for 13.7 billion years, because the universe is expanding (the movement rule).  The center of the universe is believed to be 40 billion light years away.  Those are not human scale measurements.  100 years in human scale are unnoticeable, so what then is the human purpose on earth?


When I studied religions, I found they have the same common denominators as the celestial elements.

MOVEMENT – there is a constant movement in every religion both internal and external.  (It is a big issue so I wrote a separate article about this matter. See “religions internal and external movements”.)

GATHERING – in all religions there are prayers and ceremonies that are a community and gathering based ritual.

CYCLES – in every religion there are rituals connected to the cycles of the moon, sun, planet earth and other celestial phenomenon.

EVOLUTION – all religions agree that the human physical body is but the vehicle, for the spirit which is the true essence of life.

This is the reason the Hindis does not use the term “he died” but rather “he left his body”.  Thus to say that the physical body remains here and can be burned and turned into ashes while the spirit is now free to find another form.

There are about 100 billion cells in the human brain.

There are about 100 billion stars in one galaxy.

There are about 100 billion galaxies in the universe

Everything is connected.

In modern life connection means access to the internet, but the global internet is exactly the opposite of human desired functions.

In ancient times human beings celebrated their gratitude to the richness and bliss of planet Earth.  They were living in communes, and were often gathering for religious rituals.  Many of those community ceremonies connected to life and death cycles.  For the ancient Egyptians it was clear that they came to planet Earth from far away, crossing the Big Lake for a mission, which was to evolve to a higher form of being, thus elevating the spirit which they called the Ba.

The Jewish Kabala speaks about the 5 stages of the human spiritual development.

Ruach – spirit

Nefesh – human essence.

Neshama – soul,

Haya – the elevating stage of the spirit,

Yehida – singularity, total connection to the source of creation.

The Jewish ten Sephirot, a kabalistic code for human development, speaks about the same process of evolution.

I don’t sign my name to my paintings, but rather use a symbol made out of 35 white dots, the color white signifies the openness of absorbing spiritual essences.  White contains all colors.  I use dots because life is not linear and can not be described as a straight line but the ongoing journey through several stages of personal development levels.

There are 2 figures because life won’t exist without the duality aspect, feminine and masculine.  Every life is the result of the bondage between opposite and complimentary energies in an eternal cycle of being and transforming.

The only way people can still live on this planet is going backwards to what existed in the early times rather than going so quickly forward.  Human beings can not create their own rules that contradict planetary and universal rules.

So by living with those 4 basic rules in mind I believe that you and me should:

MOVE – and let our inner being shine.

GATHER – and let others share our bliss

CYCLE – everything is connected, everything has a beginning an end and new start in other level or dimention, good – bad, ups – downs, are actually similar happenings on the same bar of life.

EVOLVE – from physical based to spiritual based entity, and let planet Earth and other human beings evolve with us.

Have magic in your life.

Ted Barr

Passion Center, Hayward, CA

June 2010


Zero and infinity

Contemplating about the universe’s origin brings in mind extreme proportions. The latest solid theory:  the BIG BANG is about infinite mass, condensed in infinitesimal area that suddenly exploded 13.7 billion years ago to create our known universe.

A few questions arose from this theory:

If there was matter from the start, who or what created it? The easiest way is to say GOD and move on, but science is based on solid facts, it’s very hard to analyze facts from 1,000 years ago, let alone tracing details originated 13.7 billion years ago. The BIG BANG theory cannot explain what had been before the explosion or what had caused it.

How comes that the entire universe matter was condensed in such a small area?

The quantum theory, based on Einstein’s findings, speaks about constant flow between matter and energy, so may be in those critical seconds all the physic laws on which our science is based were not relevant, it might be that there had not been matter at all but only pure energy that condensed into matter and then become energy again by explosion.

Are there boundaries to the universe?

The universe needs other vocabulary than borders, limits or boundaries, Boundaries exist only in human minds. A proved fact is the expansion of the universe, not only that but it expands in higher rate today than years ago and it will expand even faster in the future, so the universe’s expansion determines its size. The size, quantity of matter and astronomical distances are not in the realm of human beings, one light year is about 6,000 billion miles, the diameter of our galaxy, the MILKY WAY is about 50,000 light years, we can think and write about those facts, but we cannot really grasp the meaning of astronomical figures, in this case we are the infinitesimal ruminating about the infinite.

But by contemplating upon those matters it seems that zero and infinite are much closer, you can’t have one without the other as you can’t have light without darkness. Most of our universe is void but it contains within it infinite mass and energy, most of our universe is dark, but within it rare light dots that from closer look appears to be majestic galaxies and nebulae, in this scale a human being is unnoticed but still human beings ask questions about their origin, and from infinitesimal stand point they can contemplate upon their location in the ray of creation.

Have magic in your life

Ted barr